Organizational Description

Organizational Description

This paper will develop a case based on a real situation in a real organization, preferably the organization where you presently work. Your paper must include both a description and an analysis. You MAY select the organization in which you work or one with which you are familiar. It is preferable to be in a position to obtain first-hand information about your selected organization. If you do not have the necessary access, you will be expected to develop your paper on the basis of second-hand information in periodicals, etc. The following is the required outline for your paper:

1)Organizational Description

  • Background information, including
    • environment
    • domain and task design
    • role relationships
    • control systems
    • information technology
    • organizational goals
    • size
    • blueprint for growth
  • Situation description, including
    • the nature of the task
    • the people involved
    • formal and informal relationships
    • relevant organization structure
    • prior events relative to the situation
  • Discussion of organizational effectiveness, including
    • organizational behavior
    • work and efficiency
    • adaptability of the organization

2) Organizational Analysis (using the concepts learned in this course)

  • Level of organizational effectiveness
  • Causes for organizational effectiveness
  • Mechanisms for change

3)Proposed Organizational Chart

4)Conclusions and Recommendation

5) Reference page

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