Article Reviews Assignment Instructions

Article Reviews Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, you will write reviews on three separate research-based articles. Select the three articles you would like to review from scholarly, peer-reviewed research journals. The articles you select should not be articles you have previously reviewed for this or another course but should reflect the research topic you identified in Discussion: Research Topic. The articles you choose must have been published within the past five years.


Concisely summarizing large amounts of data is a skill that researchers must master for both data they generate and for conveying the relevant works of others in their own literature reviews. Therefore, the length of this assignment is to be a single page for each review for a total of three pages (not including the required title page). Each one-page review must include the following, appearing in the same order as listed below:

  1. A one-paragraph summary of the research-based article. What was done? How? What was found?
  2. A one-paragraph analysis  the research-based article.of Note: This should not be a summary of the analysis conducted by the article’s author(s); instead, it is your critical analysis of the quality of the research conducted. For example: What was good? What could be better? How would you have changed the research?
  3. A one-paragraph summary of the research-based article’s importance to the education field.
  4. A properly-formatted APA reference entry for the article at the bottom of the page.


Use current APA style throughout the paper.



Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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