Chinese Culture in United States

Synthesis Assignment

You have read Kevin Chung’s essay “Fried Rice: My Taste of Culture, Home and Family,” and you have read Amy S. Choi’s article “What Americans can Learn from Other Food Cultures.” This week, you have also read Suenary Philavanh’s article “Food Strengthens Cultural Identity for International Student.” Find the points that are similar between these three texts and find the points that are different. Write a synthesis pointing out the similarities and differences between these three texts.

  • Your synthesis should be 1 page in length (300 words)
  • Do not include quotes in your synthesis, but DO paraphrase, and use in-text citations when referring to the ideas of the authors
  • Format your paper according to MLA
  • Post your synthesis on Canvas by 10:00am on Friday 4/24
  • Submit your synthesis matrix as well (See the Synthesis Tutorial video in the link below)

Before you start your synthesis:

  • Create your own synthesis matrix (as shown in the tutorial above)

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