Computer Security

Computer Security



This week we review Security Policies

This week’s topics:

  • Review last week’s assignmentt
  • Defining User Policies
  • Defining System Admin Policies
  • Defining  Access Control
  • Standards and Procedures
  • Review this week’s lab discussion
  • Review about submitting the final project

Required Readings

Required Readings

Read Chapter 10 of the Easttom text, Security Policies

Primary topics:

Week Eleven Assignment

Using the guidelines provided in this week’s chapter (and other resources as needed), create a step-by-step IT security policy for handling user accounts/rights for a student who is leaving prematurely (drops, is expelled, and so on).

You will need to consider specialized student scenarios, such as a student who works as an assistant to a faculty member or as a lab assistant in a computer lab and may have access to resources most students do not.

Write your answer using a WORD document. Do your own work. Submit here. Note your Safe Assign score. Score must be less than 25 for full credit.

You have three attempts.

Week Eleven Submit Final Project Topic

Submit your final project topic here. Include a short paragraph describing your project and how you intend to research it.


Note your safe assign score. Score should be less than 25


Here is a list of your upcoming project deliverables:

  • Week 11. Submit final project.
  • Week 12. Submit a brief abstract describing your final project.
  • Week 13. Submit final project materials.


Possible Computer Security Research Project Topics


Citizen Rights vs Security

Cloud Computing

Computer Forensics

Data Center Security

Disaster Recovery

Edward Snowden – Traitor or Hero


Hardware and Software Security

I Love You virus


Mobile Malware

Mobile Security



Presidential Election 2016

Quantum Computers – Impact on Encryption

Ransomware, malware, business security

Security and the Cloud

Smart Grid


Stuxnet Virus

Undersea Cable

United State Cyber Command

Web War I – Estonia Attack

White Hat Hacking

Wi-Fi Security: Wireless Network Encryption

Creating Exploits

Home Automation Security and Vulnerabilities

Car Hacking

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