differences and similarities of the art works

differences and similarities of the art works

An Arts Review is an essay, approximately 300 words in length. It can be longer if you have more to express, but one or two short paragraphs will not be acceptable. To begin, you should identify where you found the artwork. Briefly describe the website or page number, such as, what types of artworks were in the exhibition. Your art review will be written on two works, by two different artists – discuss differences and similarities of the works. You may make use of the suggestions below to form your ideas and opinions of the event. You have the right to like, dislike, or feel neutral about anything as long as you can give legitimate reasons for your opinions. Do not just say you like/hate work, but give reasons why. Be as objective as possible in discussing your reactions. If you have any suggestions as to how the event could have been improved, include them in your review. It is important that your review be well written. Spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and good English


Suggestions for writing an Art Review; https://www.artsy.net 1. What materials and/or tools did the artist use and how were they used? Example: “The painter used acrylic paint, putting it on the canvas so thickly with a wide brush that it seemed to build up mountains and valleys.” 2. What terms can be used to describe the artist’s works?Example: Open/closed/vertical/diagonal/horizontal composition; realistic/abstract/non-objective style; monochromatic, color, linear, painterly, flat, round, implied space, three-dimensional space, exciting, peaceful, etc. 3. What kind of “story” was the artist telling through the works? If no stories were apparent, what were the works about? 4. How did these works make you feel? What was their mood? What was your mood after reviewing them? 5. Choose one or two works and discuss, in as much detail as possible, the subject, style, and expression. Why did these particular works catch your eye? What makes them different? What is the historical period of this work? Or what period does it suggest? Why? How? Did one artistic work (or a group of them…or the entire exhibition) influence your thinking in any way? How? Citation, Art Reviews must be fully cited in Chicago style. Reviews should be typed in a 12-point font, double-spaced. All margins should be one inch to allow for comments. Number all pages.

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