prevention of infection

Social Determinants of health (SDOH)

Please write a response to the article below using the guidelines-(Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references. Sources must be published within the last 5 years. There should be a mix between research and your reflections. Add critical thinking in the posts along with research. Apply the material in a substantial way.)

Note: Please do not use material from Course Hero as my instructor checks it. Original material needed please.


Social Determinants of health (SDOH) impact every human’s quality of life. These include things that are in their environments such as where they live, work, worship, and play. Things such as their economic stability, access to education, access to healthcare, their neighborhood, and their social circle and community will all effect their health outcomes (WHO, 2021). SDOH contributes to disease by hindering a healthy environment such as unsafe housing, transportation, or an unsafe neighborhood. Lack of access to nutritional foods and physical activities can also lead to disease (Khalloug, Schellhammer, 2021).

To have a good health promotion plan one must understand how the chain of infection works and how it is broken. Humans and animals are very common reservoirs for infection. By encouraging a person infected to quarantine we can prevent spread of an infection. This is the best way to break the cycle of infection. Washing hands, covering coughs and sneezes, and practicing good hygiene can also help to decrease infection spread and break the chain of infection (GCU, 2018).


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