rhetorical analysis

rhetorical analysis

First, you need to listen to, view, and read the following four texts:

To compose a successful rhetorical analysis, you must use quotations, paraphrases, and summaries to make connections between your ideas about the piece of writing you’re analyzing and the specific examples within the piece of writing that best clarify, illustrate, and support your ideas.  You should have already watched Daytona State College Professor Harun Thomas in his Quote Burger presentation. For more information about quoting, paraphrasing, summarizing, citation, and documentation spend some time exploring these resources:

This discussion requires two posts. (But, more posts are welcome–and encouraged!) Please complete all of the following tasks. Number each task in your discussion post to help others clearly see which task is being completed.

Your first post has four parts (Please number each part of your answer):

  1. Write your own sentence that incorporates a quotation from anywhere in one of the four texts listed on the top of this discussion. List what text you chose, and make sure to use the advice from Professor Thomas.
  2. Paraphrase the same passage from which you drew a quotation in #1 above. Use the resources above to help with paraphrasing effectively.
  3. Summarize the section of the article from which you drew a quotation (in #1 above) and a paraphrase (in #2 above). Use Summary Writingas a guide, as you’ve done in past discussions.
  4. Using MLA (Works Cited) or APA (References), build a documentation entry for the text you’ve chosen for this discussion. Use the following resource to help with this part of the discussion: DSC Library Services InfoGuide – Citation and Documentation. There are also resources for documenting sources on the Purdue OWL site.  Don’t worry about the hanging indent if you have trouble formatting. The discussion board is not set up in the same manner as a word processor. Just place the documentation directly below the paragraph. Also, make sure to let us know what resource(s) you used to create the documentation entry.

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