The Asian American Women

Issues and concerns of Asian American Women

 You think critically about issues and concerns of Asian American or/and Pacific Islander  Asian American Women. You will examine problems, issues, and themes in the social sciences  in greater depth using a social scientific inquiry when researching the topic that you have  selected. This assignment is help your ability to think and write clearly by utilizing various  methodologies in Asian American Studies.


  • Find 5 scholarly articles , no internet sources that is not scholarly is allowed.
  • Please find five articles maximum. There is a sample of how an annotated bibliography uploaded
    on Titanium( I attached the file below). There are different formats, but you are free to use whichever format you are
    comfortable with MLA or APA. For those who are unfamiliar with writing an annotated
    bibliography, please review this link: or see
    the information below.

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